Hi, I’m Mazimadu. Welcome to Silicon Spoon games, a video game developer focused on making 2D side-scrollers mainly for mobile.

Who is Mazimadu?

Obinna Emelumadu (Mazimadu) is a game developer living in Nigeria. I have always been interested in video games from an early age and have designing games ever since my teens. I did the graphics, wrote the programs and animated the characters myself. Currently I am a software developer who mobile platforms such as Android Operating system and would like to see more quality game made from my country. I aims to show that it is possible to create games in an environment such as my country and would like to push for a higher standard in 2D indie game development. I am also interested in many topics, including science, tech, animation and movies.

Why 2D?

I have always liked cartoon animation and the side scrolling genre. I believe that the two go hand-in-hand together, making them best suited for storytelling and adventure. To this end, I treat each game as their own standalone cartoon episode allowing me to make them as engaging as possible.

My games

I am currently working on the Squarebugs, a series of games based on the adventures of 5 adventurous creatures and the world they inhabit. The story follows Kyle (the curious one), Lana(the rebel), Viki(the calm caretaker), Rex(the strong and noble) and KK(the relaxed gear-head) as they go on wild adventures, visit strange locations and encounter many friendly (or unfriendly) characters along the way.

(KK, Lana,Kyle, Viki, Rex)


Stay tuned for more to come.