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A while  go I contacted Craig Forshey from Super Game Droid, an Android gaming site that focuses on indie games. He really liked the game and gave me a decent review for it . Thanks Craig!

Below is a transcript from the review he gave.


Quest For Food In Gluttonous Grub Platformer Kyle’s Berries

Indie developer Silicon Spoon Games has released a charming oldschool style platformer dubbed The SquareBugs: Kyle’s Berries about gobbling up fruit in decidedly more precarious fashion than Pac-Man as players double jump their way through challenging nature themed levels filled with danger. It’s up to players to help the title character obtain the ultimate snack by solving puzzles and head stomping any enemy that’s foolhardy enough to get in their way, provided it isn’t covered in spikes that is. Featuring solid retro inspired sidescrolling gameplay, controller support, and an endearing animated style The SquareBugs: Kyle’s Berries is a worthy addition to the platformer genre.




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