The SquareBugs: Kyle’s Berries

Run, jump, climb and grab berries in this fun little platformer. With tight controls and a solid presentation, Kyle’s debut Android game is not to be missed.







After spending a hot afternoon exploring his favorite forest, our hero Kyle is getting quite hungry. Luckily the forest is full of nice juicy berries just waiting to be eaten. Explore the forest, avoid danger and get to the really big berries at the end. Do you have what it takes to?


– Fun platformer with over 8 Colorful levels
– Over 30 Achievements
– Responsive and customizable controls.
– Bluetooth Gamepad Support!
– Google Cloud Game Saves included!
– Soundtrack composed by Ken “Coda” Snyder

About the game

This game designed by Obinna “Mazimadu” Emelumadu.
Music was composed by Ken “Coda” Snyder. Visit his site at